Website Launched for Russians Looking to Emigrate to Ukraine

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016, 13:08

The Free Russia Fund [Rus.: "Свободная Россия"] launched the EmigRussia website for Russians who are about to move to Ukraine. The website points out that this is a humanitarian and info assistance project run by the Free Russia Fund in Ukraine.

"The project mission to is provide support to Russian political refugees and migrants as well as to raise awareness in Ukraine and Russia on who these people are and why they have to flee the Russia which they now face to the Ukraine which they want to believe in," the project describes itself.

The website explains how Russians can move to Ukraine, acquire refugee status, temporary residency permits or citizenship by origin.


The Free Russia Fund is described as a non-profit established by "Russian migrants to the U.S. to unite the Russian community abroad, bolster democratic actors inside Russia and engage into cooperation with Western experts."

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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