Draft Law Seeks Protection and Compensation For Whistleblowers

Thursday, 4 August 2016, 12:58

Transparency International Ukraine (TIU) supports the idea of paying whistleblowers 10% of the money stolen by a corruption offender which is returned to the state, Ukrayinski Novyny cite the TIU statement.

"If an informant helps to return money embezzled through corruption, he or she has to be paid 10%. In addition, law enforcement agencies should provide due protection to an informant starting from the pre-trial investigation," the statement reads.

TIU supports the draft law #4038a on the protection of whistleblowers and disclosure of information about the harm or threat to public interests, which was registered with the Parliament on July 20.

According to the think tank, the draft law will provide a legal framework for the protection of informants and incentives for average people to report corruption to law enforcement.

Consideration of the draft law in the Parliament will be a challenge, experts say, as they warn of possible hindrances to its adoption.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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