Energodar residents form their citys wall of defence

Wednesday, 2 March 2022, 17:15

Residents of Energodar in the Zaporizhzhya region came out to stop the invaders from entering the city. They waved Ukrainian flags and were determined not to let the enemy into the city.

Source: Mayor of Energodar Dmitry Orlov on Telegram

According to Mayor Orlov: "For the third time, the people of Energodar stand firm like a wall of defence at the city entrance, preventing the occupiers from entering it. Thousands of people came to show that they do not have to be "saved." To show that they are in their own country, on their own land. That Energodar is Ukraine!

As of now, the uninvited "guests" are once again strongly advised not to come near the city."


Details: Locals said that the invaders wanted to set up a checkpoint on the road between Energodar and the Dniprovskiy turn. They responded by saying that the invaders cannot go further than the upper road of the Dniprovskiy turn.

People have returned home, but are ready to mobilise again.

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