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Syniehubov: Russians are trying to hold their positions and attack the Kharkiv region

Sunday, 5 June 2022, 11:36


Russian troops are trying to hold previously captured territories on the Kharkiv front, unsuccessfully attempting offensives along the Dovhenke – Dolyna and Brazhkivka – Virnopillia fronts.

Source: Oleh Syniehubov, head of Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration


Details: Over the past 24 hours, the Russian occupying forces have continued to fire on settlements in the Kharkiv and Chuhuiv districts of Kharkiv Oblast.

As a result of the shelling of the village of Tsyrkuny in the Kharkiv district, residential buildings and outbuildings were destroyed, and fires broke out.

Derhachi and the surrounding villages were fired upon with heavy weapons. No-one was injured.


The aggressors also fired on settlements in Chuhuiv district. A 52-year-old man was injured in Chuhuiv. In the villages of Korobochkine and Chkalovske 2 people were injured. Two more were injured in the village of Malynivka. An elderly woman was injured in the town of Balakliia, Izium district.

Quote from Syniehubov: "Fighting continues in the Kharkiv region. On the Kharkiv front, the occupiers are trying to fire on the positions of our defenders and hold previously captured territories.

The Russians used phosphorus munitions near Cherkaski Tyshky.

The situation is most intense in the area of ​​Izium. The occupiers are attempting an attack on the Dovhenke – Dolyna and Brazhkivka – Virnopillia front. Our Armed Forces are holding their positions and inflicting tangible losses on the enemy."