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Zelenskyy on destruction of Altaïr in Druzhkivka: This is another confession of the terrorist state

Tuesday, 3 January 2023, 21:48
Zelenskyy on destruction of Altaïr in Druzhkivka: This is another confession of the terrorist state

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reacted to the destruction of the Altaïr ice rink in Druzhkivka, Donetsk Oblast by the Russian occupiers; the arena was used for the collection and distribution of humanitarian aid.

Source: Zelensky's video address on 3 January 

Quote: "Russian terrorists destroyed the ice rink in Druzhkivka, Donetsk Oblast. With a missile.


This ice rink, the Altaïr, started working even before the war, when Donbas had a normal life before Russia arrived. Children trained there. There was a children's sports school. Hockey competitions were held there. People played sports there, celebrated and just enjoyed life...

Last year, it was used to collect and distribute humanitarian aid.

The Russian missile causing the destruction of Altaïr in Druzhkivka is another confession of the terrorist state. A confession of what they came to Donbas with and that we will definitely drive them out of there. Death will not prevail in Donbas, and we must do everything to throw out its tricolour from Donbas and other lands of Ukraine."



  • Druzhkivka, far from the front, was hit three times on 2 January, 2023. As a result, the ice rink was destroyed; in addition, the MAN restaurant and hotel complex, a bus station, a church, a residential building, and farm buildings were damaged. One person was injured.
  • Altaïr was hit by an Kh-55 missile.
  • Altaïr has been the home ground of the Donbas hockey club since 2014. The largest children's and youth sports school in hockey and figure skating in Ukraine operated at the Druzhkivka Arena.
  • The ice rink hosted Ukrainian championships, international competitions, cultural events, and was a favourite place of recreation for the citizens and guests of Druzhkivka.
  • Donbas hockey club notes: "This is the third home that the Donetsk club has lost due to the Russian occupiers: the Druzhba Palace of Sports in Donetsk, Mariupol Ice Centre, and now the Altaïr."

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