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Ukraine expects to receive two or three types of Western fighters, one will be its main one

Friday, 3 March 2023, 09:30

Oleksii Reznikov, Minister of Defence of Ukraine, has expressed confidence that Western countries will eventually decide to provide fighter jets to Kyiv, as happened in the case of the "tank coalition".

Source: Reznikov in an interview with German publication Bild.

"I think that this [provision of fighters to Ukraine] will again be a so-called fighter jet  coalition; we will have one main type and others. In the tank coalition, the main ‘animal in the zoo’ is the Leopard from Germany, but we also have Challenger, Abrams and light tanks from France. But the main battle tank is the Leopard," the minister explained.


"I am certain that we will have two or three types of fighters, there will be one main ‘bird’.  And everything will depend on which of them is the best for Ukraine. For our airfields, for our engineers and for maintenance and spare parts," he added.

Commenting on Germany's refusal to discuss providing Ukraine with fighter jets, Reznikov expressed confidence that this would change, as was the case with tanks.

"I remember that Germany did not want to send tanks. Now my country has a Leopard; I personally tested a Leopard from Germany," the minister noted.



  • Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs, has expressed confidence that the issue of providing fighter jets to Ukraine would be resolved. Earlier, he stated that Ukraine is particularly interested in fighter jets from the USA, Great Britain, France, and Germany.
  • At the same time, US President Joe Biden "for now" ruled out the possibility of sending modern American fighter jets to Ukraine.

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