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Pentagon does not help Ukraine to target Russian oil refineries

Friday, 5 April 2024, 11:55
Pentagon does not help Ukraine to target Russian oil refineries
Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder. Stock photo: Getty Images

In response to a question about the Ukrainian Armed Forces' attacks on Russian refineries, Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder stated that the United States is solely focused on transferring assistance to protect Ukraine.

Source: European Pravda

Quote: "We don't provide any assistance for use outside of that [defence of Ukraine – ed.]. I'd refer you to Ukraine to talk about their operations."


Details: NATO believes that Ukrainian drone strikes on Russia's oil refining infrastructure significantly affected Russia's fuel market and incurred additional financial costs.


  • Earlier, Reuters reported that Russian oil companies were having difficulty repairing refineries due to Western sanctions, and Ukrainian drone attacks may exacerbate these issues.
  • The US Department of State has refused to comment on whether the US had urged Ukraine not to attack Russian refineries but noted that Washington does not support strikes on facilities in Russia.
  • Earlier, the Financial Times found out that the United States has purportedly urged Ukraine not to hit Russian oil refineries and other energy infrastructure facilities, as it is concerned that this could lead to higher energy prices and further escalation. 

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