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Ukrainian border guards show "sniper-like duel" of artillery in Chasiv Yar – video

Tuesday, 2 July 2024, 10:25
Ukrainian border guards show sniper-like duel of artillery in Chasiv Yar – video

Ukrainian border guards are killing the Russians using artillery with sniper-like accuracy in Chasiv Yar, Donetsk Oblast.

Source: press service for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Quote: "Border guards are firing using artillery at the Russian occupiers on the Bakhmut front. It hit a window and more."


Details: "Two 105-calibre artillery pieces. There were days when we fired 90 shots a day. And they worked very, very well. Roughly speaking, it was like a big artillery sniper," one of the soldiers says in the video.

The Russians’ losses are being confirmed.


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