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Presidential Office: time and context of meeting between Zelenskyy and Putin have yet to be determined

Putin refuses to give Ukraine security guarantees before decisions on Crimea and Donbas

Lavrov on the special talks offer in Mariupol: theatrical gesture

Lavrov hinted that the war would end with signing of a treaty, but under a certain condition

Zelenskyy: I would ask Putin how Ukrainian Donbas and Crimea will live

Zelenskyy not afraid of assassination attempts during potential meeting with Putin

Ukraine will exit negotiations if Mariupol residents killed or Russia conducts “referendums” on occupied territories

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs says talks at stalemate despite completion of another round

Zelenskyy: Russia has not submitted a single draft peace agreement

Negotiations: The Kremlin says it has handed a "document" to Ukraine. Zelensky is studying the position of the Russian Federation

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it does not trust Ukrainian negotiators

Zelenskyy: Horror in Bucha, Borodianka, and Mariupol making Ukraine lose faith in negotiations with Russia

Head of Ukraine’s negotiating team: Ukraine has not changed its position, but there is one difference

Ukrainian negotiator: Russia is attempting to put public pressure on negotiations

Lavrov says that negotiations with Ukraine will continue, but without ceasefire

Zelenskyy to meet Putin after Ukraine's victory in major battles - Mykhailo Podoliak

Podolyak reacts to Russian proposal to invite Belarus to be a guarantor country

Lavrov wants Belarus to be one of Ukraine's security guarantor countries

Lukashenko wants to get involved in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine regarding the war

Zelenskyy formed a delegation to negotiate security guarantees with Russia

Lavrov says there is a chance of agreement with Ukrainian negotiators

Zelenskyy on meeting with Putin: the longer Russia delays, the worse for Russia

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kuleba denies rumours of pressure from some partners to make concessions in the talks

Ukrainian-Russian negotiations continue online

Arakhamiya on the provisions and mechanisms of the Treaty on Security Guarantees of Ukraine

Negotiations will resume on April 1, we have a week to prepare for the meeting between the presidents - Arakhamiya

Ukraine wants to be able to mobilise a million reservists in case of a threat – Arakhamiya

Lavrov has interpreted Ukraine's proposals as giving up Crimea and Donbas, and the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has responded

Russia has announced its vision of agreements with Ukraine

A referendum is possible only when Russian troops leave Ukraine – Office of President