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Black Sea

Black Sea Grain Initiative extended by 4 months

Russian Black Sea flotilla reduced to 7 ships

Russia keeps over 100 Kalibr cruise missiles in Black, Mediterranean, Caspian seas

20 Kalibr missiles aboard naval missile carries threaten Ukraine from Black Sea

Russia keeps one Kalibr cruise missiles launcher in Black Sea

16 Kalibr cruise missiles at the ready in Russian Black Sea flotilla

Russia brings back ship with Kalibr cruise missiles to Black Sea

No Russian ships armed with Kalibr missiles in Black Sea

Zelenskyy: Russia constantly threatens food exports, but demands "guarantees"

Events of last few days put end to Russian "blackmail diplomacy" – Head of President’s Office

Russian forces attack 2 civilian tugboats: at least two dead, one person wounded and one missing

Sevastopol: Unmanned surface vehicles hit Admiral Makarov, flagship of Russian Black Sea Fleet

24 naval-based Kalibr cruise missiles threaten Ukraine from Black Sea

Russian naval vessels armed with 16 Kalibr missiles currently in Black Sea

Russian flotilla in Black Sea strengthened by 1 submarine

Russia withdraws submarine missile carriers from Black Sea

Russia keeping 17 ships and boats in three seas, armed with a total of 100 Kalibr cruise missiles

Six Russian vessels near Crimea, 16 Kalibr cruise missiles on standby

Russians increase Black Sea flotilla to 10 vessels

Russians increase number of vessels in Black Sea

Russia expands Black Sea task force to 15 vessels

Russians dramatically increase number of missile carriers in the Black Sea

Colonel "Did" who led "ghosts of Kyiv" killed in battle over the sea

Russia grows its Black Sea presence: 10 ships now deployed

Russia maintains 8 Kalibr missiles on standby in the Black Sea

Russians sends 5 large landing ships out into the Black Sea – Operational Command Pivden (South)

Russia expands Black Sea fleet grouping – Operational Command Pivden (South)

Operational Command Pivden (South): 4 Russian large landing ships manoeuvre in Black Sea

Russian naval mine is washed ashore near Odesa

Another three ships carrying 40,000 tonnes of grain set sail from Ukrainian ports