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Black Sea

Pivden [South] Operational Command: Russians dream of seizing and occupying Odesa

Ukrainian Chief Intelligence Directorate: Russians took bodies and secret equipment away from the Moskva cruiser

Modern ship Admiral Makarov strengthens aggressor’s forces in Black Sea - “Pivden” Operational Command

Office of the President: Ukraine itself will unblock the Black Sea if it receives MLRS systems

Russians threaten to fire on a civilian vessel in Ukrainian territorial waters

Russian forces are ready to launch 16 ‘3M-54 Kalibr’ missiles from the Black Sea

Russian occupying forces trying to lift their sunken boat near Zmiinyi (Snake) Island – General Staff

Final communication from the Moskva cruiser: “Two holes, lying on its side”

Russians have concentrated up to 50 Kalibr missiles in the Black Sea - Defence Ministry

Pivden Operational Command: Group of Russian ships poised to launch missile strikes

Video demonstrates precise operation of Ukrainian aviation against invaders on Snake Island

Ukrainian troops share video of Russian boat near Zmiinyi Island being destroyed

Threat of a landing attack looms on the Black Sea coast

More than half the crew of the cruise ship "Moskva" might have consisted of conscripts - the media

Three Russian cruise missile carriers are in the Black Sea - Ministry of Defence

Invaders’ fleet intensified in the Black Sea - Operational Command "Pivden"

Ukrainian Armed Forces fired at aggressors’ positions on Zmiinyi Island and hit a control point - “Pivden” Task Force

Russian military ships moved almost 200 km away from the Ukrainian coast – Regional Command "South"

More families found of Russian soldiers who died on Moskva flagship

Odesa Military Administration warns that city beaches have not been cleared of mines

39 warships and boats gathered near occupied Sevastopol – Intelligence

Sunken cruiser Moskva could have nuclear warheads on board - expert

It’s official: the Russian cruiser Moskva has sunk

The "Moskva" capsized and is sinking

The shelling of the cruiser "Moskva": Russian Black Sea Fleet now "minus" 16 cruise missiles in the Black Sea

“Sapphire” ship liberated from Russian aggressors is already in Ukraine - Presidential Office

Russians are blocking almost a hundred ships carrying food supplies in the Black Sea

Mines in the Black Sea were seized by Russia in Crimea back in 2014 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A Russian warship shelled Sanzhiika in the Odesa region

Russians shell the centre of Kharkiv from the Black Sea