Former MP Kyva killed with two gunshots while walking in park – Russian Investigative Committee

Thursday, 7 December 2023, 09:08

Illia Kyva, a pro-Russian former MP and traitor, has been killed in Moscow Oblast while out walking, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has stated. He had two bullet wounds to his body, and two pistol shell casings were found nearby. 

Source: Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on Telegram

Quote from the Investigative Committee: "On 6 December, Kyva was walking in a park near a country club, where an unknown person fired several shots at him. The victim died on the spot from his wounds...

Two gunshot wounds were found on the body of the deceased."

Details: Investigators and forensic experts reportedly inspected the scene, during which they seized two pistol shell casings, a cartridge and other items.

They also inspected Kyva's car and the hotel room where he had been staying in recent months.

It is reported that the criminal case for murder and illegal arms trafficking has been transferred for further investigation to the First Department for Investigation of Particularly Important Cases of the State Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow Oblast. 

Forensic medical, molecular genetic, physicochemical, complex molecular genetic and ballistic forensic examinations have been ordered.

The Investigative Committee noted that witnesses were being questioned, and operational and investigative measures were being taken to identify the persons involved in Kyva’s killing. 


  • On the evening of 6 December, Russian media outlets reported that Kyva’s body had been found in Moscow Oblast.
  • Ukrainska Pravda’s sources stated the Security Service of Ukraine was behind the assassination of Kyva.
  • Later, Russian propagandists said that Kyva's body had been found in a park in the Odintsovo district, and the politician was lying in the snow covered in blood. He had a cut on his right temple and a bruise on the left side of his face.

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