30 November, 2016
Russia Threatens Retaliation for Ukraine’s Drill near Crimea. Text of the Diplomatic Cable
31 August, 2016
SSCIP Not Verifying State-Run Company Involved into ‘Falsifying Riaboshapka Declaration’
NAZK Starts Full-Scale Operation of E-Declaration
Special Communication Service: E-Declaration System Ready for Launch
Avakov Calling SBU to Go At Inter TV Channel
Kravchuk Calls for Direct Talks between Putin and Poroshenko
Defense Intelligence: Militants Are Training for Marine Operations
30 August, 2016
Prozorro CEO Resigns
Government Amends Privatization List
GPU Finalizes Investigation against Lavrynovych & Co
Court Released a Suspect in ‘Berkut’ Officers Escape Case on His Own Recognizance
Prosecutor’s Office Finishes Investigation of ‘Ilovaisk Tragedy’
Russian ‘Jailed for Fighting With Azov’
29 August, 2016
NABU Puts MP Onyshchenko’s Mother on Wanted List
Property and Accounts of Ex-Minister Klymenko ‘Frozen’
Poroshenko Appointed Rainin the Chief of His Administration
NABU Investigates ‘₴300 Million Embezzlement by National Security Authorities’
Government Launches E-Petitions
Human Rights Defenders: 13 Persons Released from SBU ‘Secret Prison’
28 August, 2016
Locals Demand Roma Evictions after Child Murder
Defense Minister Dismisses His Adviser Volunteer Muravskyi
Anniversary of Ilovaisk Tragedy Marked in Kyiv
Leshchenko: Avakov’s Dismissal Will Provoke Rupture of Coalition
Journalist Alexander Shchetinin Found Dead in Suspected Suicide
27 August, 2016
Kharkiv Governor Rainin ‘to lead Presidential Administration’
ORDLO Confirms Keeping 47 Hostages
Poroshenko: Stalinist Methods Have Returned to Crimea
Customs Officer Arrested at Chaplynka Checkpoint
National Guard Explains Withdrawal of Azov Units from Mariupol
Shelling Leaves 12,000 People in Luhansk Oblast Without Electricity and Water Supply
NAU President Bribetaker Had ₴4.5 Million, Gold Bars and Bank Cards at His Home
Azov Regiment Withdrawn from Mariupol
26 August, 2016
Lozhkin ‘To Leave Presidential Administration’
National Aviation University Acting President Caught on Receiving ˆ170,000 Bribe
Anti-tank Hedgehogs to Be Installed on Administrative Border with Crimea
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Undermining the fight against corruption is no way to improve human rights for Ukrainians
Today, 10 December, is International Human Rights Day, marking the anniversary of the adoption by the United Nations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.
Ukraine 25 years after independence: old habits die hard
The European Union has assisted Ukraine with reforms and will continue to do so. However, for these changes to be successful, political will is required, not just the resources of international donors. Statements about a pro-European direction that are not backed up by action will not be enough.
Will Judicial Reform Survive?
Much more time should have been invested into the discussing and voting of the draft law on the judicial reform in the first and the second readings. That means investing more time in detailed discussion and incorporation of the changes and suggestions aimed at implementing the judicial reform, not destroying it
What’s Behind the President’s Visit to South East Asia?
At first sight, Poroshenko’s state visit to Malaysia and Indonesia looks odd. It is only the active Russian propaganda that rushed to devalue this particular visit that indicates some serious ‘subsurface part of the iceberg.’ However, those who know how to read between the lines can understand more from this short report
The Top-5 Corruption Schemes in Ukrainian Sport
We collected the top-5 schemes used by Ukrainian sports officials to embezzle money from the state budget. All the schemes were already uncovered by the Ukrainian law enforcement, they all can be found in the Unified State Register of the Court Decisions
Three Questions on the Unity of the Ukrainian Church
As I already wrote a number of times: it’s easy to discuss unity. One might say such discussions became very popular now, even among politicians. Yet we, the humble followers of the Church, realize that its unity is God’s providence and that is why it should be approached by thinking in religious terms. Unity of the Church is not something we can encompass with our human efforts
Kids Not Welcome: On Discrimination Against Mothers
Mothers are a group of young professionals, and children are the future of our country that we are turning a blind eye to. Nobody really believed that smoking would ever be banned in Ukrainian cafes. But it worked.