Ukraine turns to emergency energy aid from other countries, citizens are asked to turn off unnecessary appliances

Thursday, 7 December 2023, 17:00

Due to the shortage of capacity in the Ukrainian energy system on 7 December, the Ukrenergo Dispatch Centre applied for emergency assistance from three countries.

Source: Ukrenergo

Details: Emergency assistance is applied from 11:00 and will last approximately until 19:00.

Assistance to Ukraine is provided by the energy systems of Romania, Poland and Slovakia.

In this regard, Ukrenergo asks Ukrainians to:

  • Turn off unnecessary lights;
  • Not to turn on several energy-consuming devices at once. For example, a boiler, a washing machine and an iron. Do not turn on the kettle and the microwave at the same time;
  • If the air temperature in the room is comfortable, to turn off air conditioners and heaters;
  • Pull chargers out of sockets after the gadget has been charged.

Quote: "Consumption exceeds production, the energy system has a shortage of electricity. Emergency aid is an emergency measure to overcome the deficit," Ukrenergo emphasised.

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