Two thermal power plant units in frontline zone shut down due to Russian attack

Thursday, 7 December 2023, 17:21

Two units of a thermal power plant in the frontline zone have shut down due to a Russian attack.

Source: statement of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine

Quote: "Today in the afternoon the Russians struck a thermal power plant in the frontline zone. As a result of the artillery attack, equipment has been severely damaged. Two units have stopped operating."

The ministry stated that due to this shut down of thermal units and the drop in ambient temperature, a temporary deficit of power in the power system is registered.

"The Ministry of Energy turns to consumers with a request to support power engineers and consume energy reasonably, especially during peak hours," the ministry added.


  • Ukrenergo, the national power company, turned to consumers in the evening of 7 December with a similar request.
  • Ukrenergo said that the consumption of energy is rising sharply and the need to turn off all non-essential devices like conditioners and heaters, as well as unplug electronic devices on standby such as gadget chargers, is urgent. It is not recommended to plug in several powerful appliances at once.
  • Today, Ukrenergo will be assisted by allied operators for eight hours, from 11:00 to 19:00, with the wattage of 700 MW (3-4 thermal power plant units). It was obliged to resort to this emergency measure since there is no other way to cover the power deficit. The final measure would be to disconnect consumers.

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