Tavriia Operative-Strategic Group: Russians redeploy reserves to take Novomykhailivka – map

Monday, 4 March 2024, 21:53

The Russians are concentrating significant reserves near Novomykhailivka on the Novopavlivka (formerly Mariinka) front. They are sending reinforcements to take the village.

Source: Dmytro Lykhovyi, the spokesman of the Tavriia Operative-Strategic Group, on the air of Radio Liberty

Details: Dmytro Lykhovyi reported that Novopavlivka is currently one of the hottest areas on the contact line.

Quote: "There are more attacks there every day than on the Avdiivka front. For example, yesterday there were 20 attacks on the Avdiivka front, and 30 in Novomykhailivka and its surroundings. But the defence is holding, the enemy is making huge efforts, but is not successful at all."

Map: DeepState

Background: In February, after more than four months of gruelling fighting, the Ukrainian military retreated from the town of Avdiivka near Donetsk, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine had held since the beginning of the armed conflict in 2014. With the loss of Avdiivka, the Ukrainian Defence Forces also lost control of several villages located north and northwest of Avdiivka.

On Monday, Lykhovyi also said that the Ukrainian Defence Forces stopped the Russian advance on the Avdiivka front in Novoselivka, Berdychi, Tonenke, Pervomaiske and Nevelske.

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