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Russian MLRS attacks injure 2 people in Sumy Oblast

Zelenskyy: Putin wants to calm Russians down before re-election so he can increase pressure on front

Four Russian soldiers charged with torturing American citizen in Ukraine by US Justice Department

National Guard soldiers destroy Russian anti-air defence system in Kherson Oblast

Ukraine's Security Service arrests Kramatorsk resident who monitored Armed Forces through scope and passed info to Russians

Nepal arrests men who were transporting young people to Russia for war

Direct Line with Putin: Russians most interested in when the war willendsurvey

Military command congratulates Ukrainian soldiers on Ukrainian Armed Forces Day

US Secretary of State: Senate would open Pandora's box of aggression if it does not approve aid for Ukraine

Night attack on Kherson: civilian wounded, windows broken in a medical facility

Ukraine has plan, but faces huge risk of losing war with Russia without US help

Ukraine's Defence Minister explains why Zelenskyy cancelled briefing in US Senate

Russia suffers heavy losses on front, losing 1,270 soldiers and lots of equipment in one day

Ukraine's forces are now past first two lines of Russian defences and facing the third Ukraine's Defence Minister

Number of Russian attacks on frontline has increased, Ukrainian defenders are holding ground General Staff

Russia launches 48 Shahed drones on Ukraine, air defence intercepts 41

Ukrainian forces drive Russian army out of two positions near Avdiivka coke plant ISW

Ukrainian human rights activist Maksym Butkevych sent to penal colony in Luhansk Oblast

Ukraine's Air Force launches 22 strikes on Russian targets over past 24 hours General Staff

Russian rescue aircraft arrives to search for pilots of downed Su-24M bomber

More atrocities in Donetsk Oblast: Ukraine's Security Service identifies Russian soldiers who raped women and tortured prisoners of war

Zelenskyy: All who become Heroes of Ukraine during war with Russia will receive housing

Ukraine's Air Force destroys Russian Su-24M aircraft near Zmiinyi Island

Russian army kills woman in Kherson Oblast

Russians attack Chasiv Yar, killing and wounding civilians waiting to receive bread and water

Special Operations Forces destroy Russian ammunition storage point and Grad MLRS near Donetsk

Photo of Zelenskyy used for target practice at children's festival in Tomsk, Russia

Russian attack leaves settlement in Kharkiv Oblast without electricity

Ukrainian parliament not to give time off for MPs until end of war

Ukrainian HIMARS system guided by Special Operations Forces strikes Russian Sinitsa radio jammer