Zelenskyy comes to Odesa Oblast after severe weather

Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 11:59

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a meeting in Odesa Oblast on 29 November.

Source: Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Telegram and Facebook

Quote: "Today we are working in Odesa Oblast. We started with reports of the military and a meeting on the protection of the region. Many important issues. The operational situation and the conduct of hostilities in the area of responsibility of the Odesa Operational Strategic Group. The situation in the Black Sea, mine countermeasures and guaranteeing the safety of the grain corridor. The work of the Air Defence Forces of Odesa, air cover for Odesa, the infrastructure of the grain corridor and our brigades."

Details: The President noted that during such business trips, it is always a great honour to meet with Ukrainian defenders.

"Today, I spoke with the soldiers who defend the south of Ukraine. I presented them with state awards. Thank you for your service, for the downed enemy targets, for your courage and dedication in protecting our state and people!" said Zelenskyy.

He posted a video in which he said the awards ceremony could not be held on a large scale at this time due to security concerns.

Zelenskyy received a painting with a clock, in which elements of the downed Russian Kh-555 missile were used, as a gift from the 208th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade.


  • A few days before, severe weather raged in the south of Ukraine, there was a storm in the Black Sea, but on the morning of 29 November, all traffic restrictions imposed on highways due to blizzards were lifted in Odesa Oblast.

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