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Odesa Oblast

F-16s raised in Romania because of Russian drone attack on Odesa Oblast

Air-raid warning issued twice overnight in Odesa Oblast as Russia attacked it with drones

Explosions heard in Izmail in Odesa Oblast

Air defence activated in Odesa and Chornomorsk

Russians launch 2 waves of drone attacks, mainly targeting Odesa, with 6 people injured – photo, video

Russians damage barn in attack on Odesa Oblast with Oniks missiles before dawn

Air defence downs 8 Shahed drones in Ukraine’s south, but wreckage causes fire near Odesa

Defenders show downing of Russian drones on New Year's Eve – video

11-hour drone attack: damage in Odesa, Mykolaiv, Vinnytsia and Lviv oblasts

Explosions rock Odesa and Dnipro

Russian forces hit Kherson Oblast, falling drone wreckage causes fire in coastal area near Odesa

Death toll rises to 2 after drone crash in Odesa suburb – photo

Wreckage of downed attack UAVs damages port infrastructure in Odesa and warehouses in Kherson Oblast

Air defence destroys 7 Russian drones in Odesa Oblast, educational facility damaged by Russians – photo

Russian drone attack damages infrastructure facility in Mykolaiv Oblast and grain store in Odesa Oblast

Air defence responding in Odesa Oblast

Downed drone crashes into private house in Odesa Oblast and explodes, killing a man – photo, video

Attack on Odesa: 11 people injured, warehouses near Izmail, student accommodation and houses damaged – photo

Ukraine's Air Force downs 41 out of 42 attack drones

Russian attack on Odesa Oblast: people injured, fires broke out – photo

Aftermath of Russian attack on Odesa Oblast: 2 civilians injured, business premises and warehouse ruined, 11 cars damaged – photo

Two people injured in Shahed UAV attack on Odesa Oblast

Overnight Shahed attack: Property of sports institution damaged in Odesa Oblast

Wreckage from Shaheds damage farm buildings and residential buildings in Mykolaiv Oblast – photo

Russians strike Danube port infrastructure, killing lorry driver

Military defuse mine in Odesa

Shahed drone hits infrastructure facility in Odesa Oblast

Russians launch attack UAVs towards Odesa Oblast

Russians launch Shahed drones towards Odesa Oblast

Zelenskyy comes to Odesa Oblast after severe weather