Slovak hauliers decide to carry out threats to block Ukrainian border

Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 20:13

The Union of Road Hauliers of Slovakia (UNAS) has decided to block the Vyšné Nemecké-Uzhhorod checkpoint on the border with Ukraine from 1 December onwards.

Source: European Pravda with reference to TASR

Details: The decision to block the crossing point on the border with Ukraine was made by the UNAS Presidium following talks with the Slovak Ministry of Transport.

It is noted that the hauliers will block the checkpoint from 15:00 on 1 December "until further notice".

Update at 20:58: UNAS made it clear in a press release that they will not obstruct the transportation of fuel, live animals, humanitarian aid, fresh or chilled goods, or military supplies. Additionally, trucks carrying commercial goods will be moved at a rate of four trucks per hour.


  • This month, UNAS representatives blocked the Vyšné Nemecké border crossing point from the Slovak side for an hour in solidarity with the Polish protesters. 
  • They are demanding that Brussels reintroduce commercial permits for Ukrainian hauliers, as European companies cannot compete with them - the same demand as the Polish protesters.
  • The Polish truck drivers began their protest on 6 November, demanding that the EU reinstate the permit system for Ukrainian drivers entering the European Union and for EU drivers entering Ukraine, with the exception of humanitarian aid and military supplies.

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