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Ukrainians protest outside Polish Parliament over border blockade

Eight children return to Ukraine from Russian occupation

Hungarian foreign minister tries to explain why Hungary opposes Ukraine's EU membership

German Defence Minister promises to improve situation with million rounds for Ukraine

Slovak hauliers threaten to completely block checkpoint on border with Ukraine

Ukrainian delegation meets with US House Speaker

Most Ukrainians would not give up NATO membership for "peace" with Russia survey

Baltic states send démarche to Poland over Ukrainian border blockade

Slovakia's Foreign Minister says he does not imagine Ukraine in EU under the current circumstances

European Council President to cut visit to China short over Hungarian PM's threats against Ukraine − Politico

French President invites Hungarian Prime Minister to convince him to support Ukraine's accession to EU − Politico

Congress explains why aid to Ukraine is linked to US borders' protection

Ukrainian and Slovak PMs hold first conversation: they may meet in early 2024

Bulgarian President vetoes deal on supply of armoured personnel carriers to Ukraine

Empty trucks allowed through Uhryniv-Dołhobyczów checkpoint

Ukraine and Italy agree on cooperation in renewable energy

Almost 1,000 trucks stand in queue at Slovak-Ukrainian border

Ukraine and Poland agree on conditions for unblocking border for truck traffic

EU considers several options to overcome Hungary's veto on Ukrainian issues Politico

Orbán comments on his letter with ultimatum on Ukraine

US postpones supply of long-range air bombs to Ukraine until next year Reuters

European Commission prepares to approve plan to use frozen Russian assets in December Bloomberg

Ukraine receives smallest amount of external financing in last six months

EU defence strategy should include Ukraine European Commission President

Ukrainian delegation at OSCE objects during Russian foreign minister's speech

UK tells OSCE Russia must be completely defeated in war with Ukraine

Almost 8,000 companies move within Ukraine since beginning of Russian invasion

Slovak hauliers decide to carry out threats to block Ukrainian border

Czechs raise 500,000 for Black Hawk helicopter for Ukrainian intelligence

Russians strike outskirts of Kherson, killing man