Polish police blocks Ukrainian drivers headed to the negotiations with the protesters – photo

Friday, 1 March 2024, 16:49

The Polish police and special forces surrounded Ukrainian hauliers on their way to negotiate with the protesters at the border, dividing them into several groups, and the blockade lasted for at least two hours.

Source: a correspondent of European Pravda from the Korczowa border checkpoint

Details: The hauliers say that on the morning of 1 March, the police reported a decrease in the number of vehicles that can cross the border every hour. Up to 26 lorries crossed the border on 29 February, but by 1 March, the protesters had imposed a limit of one vehicle per hour.

Photo: European Pravda

Ukrainian hauliers headed to the negotiations with the protesters. Instead, the Polish police and special forces encircled Ukrainian drivers, dividing them into several groups.

Ukrainian hauliers say the Polish police did not let them approach the Polish protesters, encircled them, and did not even allow them to return to their vehicles and campsites.

The blockade lasted for at least two hours. As of now, the police have lifted the blockade and let the hauliers return to their vehicles. The speed of letting vehicles cross the border has not increased.

The police accuse Ukrainian hauliers of trying to block the road in response. The Ukrainians reject these claims. The Ukrainian embassy in Poland states that it is aware of the situation and is constantly in touch with the Polish police.


  • Numerous farmers’ protests have been ongoing all over Poland for a few days. Their participants block the roads, motorways and border checkpoints at the border with Ukraine. The farmers are against the influx of Ukrainian goods, as well as against the European policy connected to the so-called Green Deal of the EU.
  • On the afternoon of 28 February, Donald Tusk, Prime Minister of Poland, said that Poland and Ukraine were discussing a possible temporary closure of the border for the movement of goods until the problems are solved.
  • After that, Taras Kachka, Ukraine’s trade representative, said that on 28 February he had long talks with Polish ministers and such an option was not mentioned there.
  • He also advised reading Tusk’s statement in full so as not to have a false impression about it.

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