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EU trade unions urge EU to boycott Polish carriers over border blockade with Ukraine

Orbán's government openly switches to Russia's positions

Ukrainians protest outside Polish Parliament over border blockade

Polish hauliers' blockade delays volunteer aid to Ukrainian defenders Reuters

Baltic states send démarche to Poland over Ukrainian border blockade

European Commission determined to defend cancellation of permits despite Polish demands

Around 2,500 trucks queuing at Polish-Ukrainian border

Empty trucks allowed through Uhryniv-Dołhobyczów checkpoint

There is no reason to block traffic on border Ukrainian ambassador to Poland

More than 2,500 lorries in Poland queuing to enter Ukraine

Almost 1,000 trucks stand in queue at Slovak-Ukrainian border

Ukrainian drivers on Polish border prepare to go on hunger strike

Ukraine and Poland agree on conditions for unblocking border for truck traffic

Thousands of trucks stay in queues at border with Poland and hundreds at border with Slovakia

Polish government wants permits for Ukrainian carriers to be restored

Poland joins boycott of OSCE meeting over Russian foreign minister's attendance

Polish government reaches agreement with carriers on blockade of border with Ukraine

EU Council to discuss Polish-Ukrainian border protests

Polish politician Tusk accuses Polish government of inaction about border blockade with Ukraine

Ukrainian drivers block roads in Polish cities to protest against border blockade

Checkpoint on border with Poland resumes passage for trucks and buses

Polish hauliers suggest compromise for lifting blockade on border with Ukraine

Another checkpoint on border with Poland will be closed for a day for trucks and buses

Border blockade: Polish government turns to Ukraine with a proposal

Polish hauliers threaten to block all checkpoints on border with Ukraine

Polish hauliers to block Medyka-Shehyni checkpoint on Ukrainian border 24/7

Over 2,000 vehicles are waiting at blocked checkpoints on Polish side

Zelenskyy on Polish hauliers blocking Ukrainian-Polish border: We have to give our neighbours time

All except military and humanitarian cargo blocked on Polish-Ukrainian border

Around 300,000 Ukrainian children attend Polish schools and kindergartens