Sumy left without electricity due to Russian Shahed drone attack

Ivashkiv Olena — Wednesday, 22 May 2024, 04:31

The city of Sumy has been left without power due to a Russian Shahed drone attack on the night of 21-22 May. Means of electric public transportation have halted their operation, and there is no water supply.

Source: Oleksii Drozdenko, Head of Sumy City Military Administration, on Telegram

Quote: "The city of Sumy is not being supplied with electricity due to an enemy attack. We are awaiting restoration and prioritising critical infrastructure."

Updated at 07:00: The Sumy City Council reported that due to the emergency power outage, trolleybus service in the city has been halted. Trolleybuses with autonomous operation are being deployed on city routes.

Power engineers began efforts to restore the city's power supply at 05:20. 

The operation of the water supply network and the supply of water to consumers are also being restored.


  • The Russians struck energy facilities in the settlements of Shostka and Konotop in Sumy Oblast with Shahed drones on the night of 21-22 May. 
  • Ukraine’s Air Force had warned about the Russian Shahed drone attack on the oblast.

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