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Shahed drone

Body of fifth civilian retrieved from rubble in Odesa – photo

Russian attack on Odesa: body of child, 3, retrieved from rubble, death toll rises – photo

Odesa and oblast declare mourning following Russian attack

Three killed in Odesa due to night attack by Russian drones

Air defence downs 7 out of 8 drones in Odesa Oblast: 1 was manoeuvring among buildings

Night Shahed drone attack on Odesa: part of multi-storey building collapsed – photo, video

76-year-old man killed in Russian drone attack on Velykyi Burluk – photo

Explosions heard in Odesa Oblast, air defence responding

Shahed drone strike on Kharkiv: cars ablaze – photo

Ukrainian defenders down all attack drones Russia launched overnight

Drone wreckage damages transformer at critical infrastructure facility in Odesa

Russian drone attack: fire breaks out in Odesa

Ukraine's Air Force downs 11 out of 13 attack drones and 2 out of 6 missiles overnight; 1 drone enters Moldovan airspace

Moldova denies Russian UAV flew over its territory

Air Force reports unidentified UAVs near Moldovan border

Ukraine has caught up with Russia in production of attack drones – Strategic Industries Minister

Air Force downs 9 attack drones and 3 missiles overnight

Russians damage infrastructure facility in Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Mykolaiv Oblast: several settlements without electricity after Shahed attack

Air defence downs almost all 18 Shaheds launched by Russia

12 Russian attack drones and 2 Kh-59 missiles downed over 3 oblasts

Death toll from Russian attack on Dnipro rises to two, woman's body found

US imposes sanctions on zone producing Russian versions of Iranian-made Shahed UAVs

Russia is capable of producing 400-500 Shahed attack drones per month

Ukraine's Air Force down 23 of 31 Shahed drones at night

Three people killed in Shahed drone attack in Odesa – photo

Drone hits high-rise building in Dnipro causing casualties, people still under rubble – photo

Civilian infrastructure in Odesa ablaze as a result of drone attack, casualties reported

Air-raid warnings issued in number of oblasts due to UAVs: explosions in Poltava Oblast

Russian Shahed drones strike Dobropillia, Donetsk Oblast, injuring two women