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Nations who are stronger than their leaders are losing

Friday, 11 March 2022, 18:35

What should we feel when we look at a photo of a bombed maternity hospital in Mariupol? When we see the body of a woman killed during an evacuation near Kyiv, with all that she had left in this world next to it – a cat in a basket and a suitcase?

No evidence exists, or can exist, that these victims, like all the other Ukrainian citizens killed by russia, were justified by any "military expediency" that comrade lavrov or herr putin talk about. 

Criminals believe that their word is sufficient evidence when it comes to people's lives. Criminals are allowed to think so. This is not the first year that the international community has bowed its head to Russian propaganda. 


They do not make demands, they listen. 

They do not fight back in response, they cover up.

What should a French person, a Pole or a Czech feel when they look at a photo of that bombed maternity hospital in Mariupol? Does it matter which passport a child holds when it comes to his or her life? Do they think, "They're not French, Polish or Czech – well, that's fine, then"? Don't they feel something else? 

No. Europe stands with us. The world stands with us. They feel what we feel. But are European and world leaders standing with us? The leaders of these people. 

Isn't life the most important value? Does its value depend on borders, declarations, associations, memberships, proposals and positions?

How has it happened, in your now sixteen-day-old meaningless community, that whether a pregnant woman in Mariupol should live or not depends on the decision of the president of Hungary, Poland, the European Commission, or other bodies of bureaucrats whose existence has been reduced to guaranteeing guarantees rather than the right to life? To protect and guarantee something that’s printed on paper and does not exist in reality. What kind of world is this?

Do we have the same values? Yes. Then why are our lives worth less than yours today? How much more time do European officials need to realise that we have the same values only as long as we are alive? 

If people were being killed for European values in the European space, and European countries couldn’t protect them just because some people in elected positions opposed it. 

Just because some papers hadn’t been signed there, the procedures hadn’t been followed; so you obviously have other values then! So your values exist only on paper. Paper values. A paper Union.

The victors, not the vanquished, created the European Union and NATO. Winners set the rules and set the values. But now they are prepared to lose so as not to enter the war. 

We are ready to give in so as not to defend. 

Is French President Macron the winner today? Are his statements during this war those of the winner or the loser? European leaders are surrendering without a single shot being fired. But the people in those countries are not.

Thousands of rallies supporting our country are the proof of this.

The EU flag is white now. The white flag of peace over Europe at a time when a war has started against Europe. 

The hands of European leaders are prudently raised even before the situation requires it. The winners are defeated. Defeated by propaganda, fear, their own election campaigns, politics.

Russia hates the European Union, NATO, the United States, every free person and every community based on freedom.

Today, Ukraine is winning, but at a very high cost. It is winning tactically. The world is losing strategically today. 

It is losing only because it is not prepared to pay for its victory. Not ready to cover the Ukrainian sky. Not ready to provide Ukraine with fighter jets. The civilised world was not prepared to be destroyed by the uncivilised.

Even the defensive tactics of our country do not find unanimity in the hearts and actions of European leaders – let alone the offensive tactics. The world is not even prepared to defend itself. 

All life that exists thanks to freedom will permanently be destroyed by russia, which exists thanks to "non-freedom". This is a guarantee of its existence. This will happen while Macron and others hide their eyes behind borders, papers, and unions.

In front of the eyes of the whole world, freedom is being recognised as radical nationalism.

The desire for independence is being recognised as a crime. 

Those who should guarantee life are surrendering to those who guarantee death. It's happening now. In our time. And neither those leaders who are sabotaging the salvation of Ukraine, nor we who were born and live in this country right now when it is fighting for its own life and ours, will have any other. 

Europe, NATO and the entire civilised world must look into the eyes of the aggressor or cease to exist.

"We must not give in to the hatred that fills the hearts of thousands of Arabs who live around us and wait for the moment when they become strong enough to suck our blood. And we will not look away from this hatred so as not to weaken our hands. This is the fate of our generation."

Moshe Dayan, Minister of Defence of Israel, during the Six-Day War

Mykhailo Tkach

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