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8 years of war. 8 years of striving for peace

War Speeches: Russia With No Support From CSTO and Does Not Mind NATO Expansion Any Longer

War Speeches: Faceless putin, Fearsome medvedev, and Ukraine Within the 1991 Frontiers

In memory of the Azov defenders family who died in Mariupol

War in Ukraine and Mearsheimers "realism"

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Hitlers Manual

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Every day of the informational battle is the answer to the question: "What else?"

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This is an all-Russians war. Not just "Putins war"

Russians Dont Deserve Your Pity

The best macroeconomic policy for Russia

ntricacies of individualism and collectivism: Why Russians understand only force and have never been Ukraine's fraternal people

Public Appeal to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)