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5 Ukrainian books to read this year

Mariia Berlinska: This isn't even a stalemate now we are on the point of losing the war

Frost, mice and artillery duels. How winter affects combat operations

Ukrainska Pravda explores how winter may change the nature of the war, what factors will affect the actions of the warring parties, and what difficulties the soldiers will face.
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30 years of EU's diplomatic presence in Ukraine: reflection of the past and a look ahead

Oneday Ukraine will become a member of the European Union because of the determination, reforms and choices made by the Ukrainian people.

Maria Mezentseva: Our blood proves our dedication

Global leaders and countries gaining and losing Ukrainians' trust: change over a year

"Joining NATO incrementally has significant support among Ukrainians if achieving a complete victory is currently impossible."

UK Defence Secretary applauds the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Ukrainian Armed Forces Day

Putin still believes the West, distracted by events elsewhere, will tire of his illegal war. He is wrong.

OSCE meeting in North Macedonia fails to stand up to Lavrov, deepening problems

Russia has demonstrated that it is prepared to destroy the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), regardless of whether other states accede to its demands.

Sanctions targeting Russian oil are falling apart. What will the West do?

The failure of the existing sanctions has forced Western officials to take a stricter approach to Russian oil. How much tougher is it, though, and what impact will these actions have?

Road to NATO without Hungarys veto: Ukraine's reform plan agreed with Alliance

The scheme that could make it happen is a genuine diplomatic victory for Ukraine...

"Lighting a candle as a reminder to honour this day": Ukrainian Americans remember the Holodomor

Limiting Hungarian pressure on Ukraine: two concessions Kyiv should reject on its way to EU

A draft amendment to Ukraines legislation on minorities crosses important red lines for Ukraine. However, there is still time for improvement...

Deborah Fairlamb: Why Ukrainians are stronger than corruption

Symbols of Maidan

Ukrainska Pravda decided to call to mind the most vivid places, objects and slogans that were destined to become a symbolic map and chronology of the Revolution of Dignity.

"The world was not ready to support Ukraine": an interview with Ukraine's first foreign minister after Maidan

Andrii Deshchytsia: "The meeting with Lavrov took place symbolically in The Hague. He only agreed to speak one on one... Ive never for one moment regretted calling Putin a dickhead."

Jakub Janovsky, ORYX: "If either side tomorrow got air superiority, the battlefield would look very different"

The story of a Ukrainian reconnaissance officer who crawled for three daysandtwonights

This is a story about invincibility. About a struggle against thirst, despair and deadly fatigue from which you eventually emerge victorious. Its a love story too. Told in the special agents own words

Taras Topolia: The Rock Star Who Saves Lives At the Front, In Between Jams with Bono

Price of blockade: consequences of protest on Ukrainian-Polish border

Polish businesses are also suffering losses from the blockade of their border with Ukraine - and these losses may be proportionate to Ukraines.

EU candidate race: Can Ukraine catch up with Western Balkans? Analysing EU commission report

Ukraines speed does not give us much hope that accession negotiations will be completed within two years. Currently, Ukraine and Moldova are far behind all the other countries in EU negotiations.

Shashank Joshi, Defence Editor at The Economist: Bakhmut campaign cost Ukraine more than it gained

Michael Poperechnyuk of Nikopol: Ukrainian Kickboxer Turned Corruption Fighter

Vira Aheieva: "Great Russian culture" is a myth with big money behind it

Ukrainska Pravda spoke to literary critic Vira Aheieva to try to grasp the nature of Russian imperialism, the role Ukraine plays in it, how generations of Ukrainians grappled with it in the 19th and 20th centuries and how we can avoid the mistakes they made.

Deputy PM in charge of EU: Ukraine is an Enlargement leader. We'll do the impossible during accession negotiations

Ukraine's progress towards EU membership cannot be evaluated based on how other countries are progressing. It has sometimes seemed as if the bar was continually being raised for us.

Yellow light for Ukraine: EU commission decision on when EU accession negotiations will begin

Ukraine thus faces a situation where it is presented with a requirement that is not based on European standards and was not part of previous requirements for acceding to the EU...

Ukrainian attack drones, projectiles and corruption loopholes in Ukroboronprom. Interview with CEO Herman Smetanin

What has changed in the work of the state-owned holding company since the new CEO came in, what are the priorities in the production of weapons and drones, and what is happening with the missile programme?

"His mother's screams could be heard half a mile away." Stories of people executed by Russian soldiers in Chernihiv Oblast

Who were the four men killed in the centre of Levkovychi? Here are their stories

American storm around Ukraine: options for future US assistance

The fate of US aid to Ukraine depends on whether the new Speaker of the House of Representatives can strike a balance between negotiating with the Democrats and appeasing the right-wing radicals.

Alina Poliakova: How Ukrainian Journalists Hold the Powerful to Account in Wartime

New conflict between Ukraine and Poland: why Polish truck drivers ready to block border

A new conflict is brewing between Ukraine and Poland. This time it is about freight transport. Is there any chance to resolve this dispute through compromise?

"We were born with a sense of freedom and justice": How four Ukrainian soldiers advocated for arms in the US

Four Ukrainian solders came to the US to conduct advocacy on the armed issue for Ukraine

Inside Ukraine's largest textile company, which was transported from Poland

In three decades, Oleksandr Sokolovskyi has gone from tailoring women's blouses to founding one of Ukraine's leading light industrial companies, although it has never become a big business.

Pekka Kallioniemi: "Elon Musk can be classified as a "vatnik"

Cambridge Professor Rory Finnin: Modern Ukraine cannot exist without Crimean Tatars

In an interview with UP, we talk about how literature and poetry influence geopolitics, why Ukrainian politicians need to study Crimean Tatar literature, and what will happen after the de-occupation of Crimea

Winter danger. How many missiles and Shahed attack UAVs has Russia amassed for airstrikes on Ukrainian cities in autumn and winter?

Ukrainska Pravda analysed how many missiles and Shaheds Russia might have amassed for the coming winter and what tools Ukraine has at its disposal to shoot them down effectively.