Russians launch Shahed drones from south of Ukraine

Sunday, 5 November 2023, 21:21

Russian forces launched Shahed attack drones from occupied Crimea in the direction of Odesa Oblast on the evening of 5 November.

Source: Ukrainian Air Force

Details: At 19:18, the Air Force of Ukraine reported that several Russian attack UAVs of the Shahed type were launched from Cape Chauda (Crimea).

At 21:18, the movement of the group of Russian Shahed drones from the Black Sea in the direction of the city of Odesa was reported.

At 21:58, the Ukrainian Air Force reported that the first group of Shahed drones is moving along the Ukrainian-Moldovan border in a northeast direction. 

The second group is north of Odesa and is moving northwards.

Three more groups are approaching Odesa front the Black Sea.

Background: Earlier, the Air Force of Ukraine warned Ukrainians about a missile launched in the direction of Odesa, where explosions were heard later.

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