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Russian security forces breaking into home of Crimean activist, accuse her of extremism – photo

Russia deploys S-400 anti-air missile division in Saky, Crimea

Wagner Group soldiers arrive in occupied Dzhankoi, Crimea – photo

Donbas will be harder to liberate than Crimea – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence chief

Sinking of Tsezar Kunikov leaves Russian Black Sea Fleet with only 5 serviceable ships, down from 13

Guerrillas discover Russian radar station in Crimea

UK intelligence describes consequences of Ukrainian strike on Belbek airfield in Crimea

Putin: Russia has not achieved its goals in war against Ukraine

Ukraine has disabled a third of Russian Black Sea Fleet's ships

Russian FSB claims to have prevented assassination attempt on Crimean "official"

Polish president explains his controversial remarks on Crimea: "My stance is clear"

Ukrainian ambassador reacts to Polish President's doubts on Crimea's liberation

Open sources indicate that at least three Russian aircraft were hit at Belbek – Air Force

Defence Intelligence unit sinks Russian corvette Ivanovets in Crimea – video

There were five strikes at Belbek airfield, Crimea – Operational Command Pivden

Ukraine's Air Force Commander says Ukrainian jets struck occupied airbase in Belbek in Crimea

UN court recognises Russian violations concerning education in Crimea, but rejects most of Ukraine's accusations

Explosions ring out in several cities of occupied Crimea, smoke showing over Belbek airfield – video

Russians encourage students in occupied Crimea to work with FPV drones and join military

Ukrainian forces hit Russian radar station in occupied Crimea

Russians say they downed drone over Belbek in Crimea

Russians in Crimea introduce "special regime" at checkpoints

Kremlin-appointed head of Crimea introduces "special regime" for checkpoints with Kherson Oblast

Russian landing ship Olenegorskiy Gornyak moved to occupied Sevastopol – photo

Russia halts plans to scrap Ukrainian ships in Crimea to focus on protecting their own

Explosions rock Russian-occupied Sevastopol

At least 55 Crimeans transferred to Russian prisons in 2 years – CrimeaSOS

Attacks on occupiers in Crimea will continue – Ukraine's intelligence chief

Russian Tarantul corvette sank in occupied Sevastopol after Ukrainian strike

Russians report power cuts in part of Crimea due to accident at Balaklava power plant – video