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Russians drop explosives on car in Nikopol, killing civilian

Ukrainian minister says operators will eventually be able to control UAVs on battlefield while in Vinnytsia or Lviv

Russia claims shooting down 4 Ukrainian UAVs over Black Sea

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence and Security Service attack steel plant in Russian Lipetsk – video

Russian Defence Ministry says two Russian regions have been attacked by Ukrainian drones

Russians attack Odesa with drones, killing one civilian and injuring three people – photo, video

Ukrainians donate nearly US$7.71 million in record two days for Sea Baby drones

Ukrainians donate over US$5 million for Sea Baby maritime drones – video

Civilian infrastructure in Odesa ablaze as a result of drone attack, casualties reported

"Follow the drone": Ukrainian soldiers describe how they survived thanks to UAVs – video, photo

Volunteers raise almost US$7.71 million for Sea Baby drones

Air Force destroys 8 of 10 drones at night

Russian UAVs target village in Kherson Oblast, injure locals

UK to provide Ukraine with swarming drones capable of coordinated attacks

Shahed UAV debris damages 3 houses and 2 cars in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast – photo

Russians attack Poltava Oblast overnight: fire breaks out at industrial facility

Governor of Russia's Bryansk Oblast reports drone attack

We are already sending drones to Ukraine – Dutch Defence Minister

Canada to hand over more than 800 drones to Ukraine in spring

Drone coalition officially launched – Ukrainian Defence Minister

Russian Defence Ministry claims attack by 33 Ukrainian UAVs

Russians claim drone attack

Russians claim attack by 5 Ukrainian UAVs

NATO members commit to supply Ukraine with million drones

Drone coalition: UK and Latvia to provide Ukraine with thousands of UAVs

Zelenskyy orders creation of integrated system to combat Russian reconnaissance drones

Intelligence officers demonstrate use of Magura drones in sinking of Tsezar Kunikov – video

Ukraine's General Staff confirms destruction of Russian landing ship Tsezar Kunikov

Russian landing ship Tsezar Kunikov hit in Black Sea, it has sunk – intelligence sources, photo, video

Russian Defence Ministry claims 6 drones downed over Black Sea, media report something on fire in sea – photo