Operation to rescue Ukrainians from Gaza Strip ends successfully – Defence Intelligence

Sunday, 10 December 2023, 19:28

Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence has reported that an operation to rescue Ukrainians from the Gaza Strip has been successfully completed.

Source: Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine (DIU)

Quote: "Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine reports: the operation to rescue our citizens from the Gaza Strip has been successfully completed.

The evacuation mission, which was carried out by DIU and Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry on the order of the President of Ukraine, was conducted in several stages.

In total, 315 people have been evacuated from the danger zone: 304 Ukrainians, two Palestinians and nine citizens of Moldova."

Details: Defence Intelligence specified that the people saved from the Gaza Strip included two who had been wounded, a woman with cancer, a pregnant woman, and two citizens who had been coordinating Ukrainian military spies directly in the conflict zone.


  • On 1 December, Yevhen Korniichuk, the Ukrainian ambassador in Israel, reported that during the temporary truce, the Embassy of Ukraine in Israel received another 146 applications from Ukrainian citizens wishing to evacuate from the Gaza Strip.
  • Korniichuk stated that the Ukrainian side had received a total of 329 permits from Israel and Egypt to evacuate their citizens from the Gaza Strip. The authorities managed to evacuate 259 people; 172 of them are already in Ukraine, and the rest decided to stay in Egypt or make their own way to Europe.
  • On 8 December, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced in his evening address that nearly 40 more Ukrainian citizens had been evacuated from the Gaza Strip.

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