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Gaza Strip

Around 40 more Ukrainians evacuated from Gaza Zelenskyy

Israel expands ground operations to entire Gaza Strip Israel Defence Forces

Israel destroys number of Hamas cells in Gaza Strip

Another 146 Ukrainians ask to be evacuated from Gaza Strip

Israel Defence Forces strike Gaza Strip, saying Hamas violated operational pause

EU diplomacy chief explains outrage within UN over different approaches to war in Ukraine and Gaza

Hamas releases second group of Israeli hostages

Hamas postpones release of second group of Israeli hostages

First group of Israeli hostage leaves Gaza Strip

Release of Israeli hostages to begin on Friday

Relatives of EU workers being evacuated from Gaza EU diplomacy chief

Israel reports finding "operational tunnel shaft" inside Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza

Israeli forces close to destroy Hamas' infrastructure in northern Gaza

Biden after talks with Xi: Russian war against Ukraine and situation in Gaza were discussed

Israel demolishes Hamas parliament building in Gaza

Hamas blames Israel and US in advance for aftermath of assault on Gazan hospital

Israel launches military operation in Gaza main hospital

Israel shows evidence that Hamas stored weapons in children's hospital

Israeli defence minister: "Hamas has lost control of Gaza"

EU reiterates call for immediate humanitarian pause in Gaza Strip and release of hostages

Netanyahu says Israel will oppose Palestinian Authority in Gaza after war

11 more Ukrainians evacuated from Gaza Strip

Gaza hospital surrounded by tanks: people ask for evacuation

Zelenskyy: Ukraine helping with evacuation of foreign citizens from Gaza

Ukraine evacuates 160 more of its citizens from Gaza Strip

Russia scares Ukrainians in Gaza Strip and proposes its evacuation

80,000 residents of Gaza Strip flee to the south

89 Ukrainians evacuated from Gaza Strip

329 Ukrainians allowed to leave Gaza Strip Ukrainian ambassador to Israel

Israel Defence Forces announces capturing key stronghold in Gaza and killing dozens of terrorists