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Another 146 Ukrainians ask to be evacuated from Gaza Strip

Friday, 1 December 2023, 16:25

During the temporary truce, the Embassy of Ukraine in Israel received another 146 applications from Ukrainian citizens wishing to evacuate from the Gaza Strip.

Source: Yevhen Korniichuk, Ambassador of Ukraine to Israel, on the air during the national joint 24/7 newscast 

Quote: "Since the cessation of hostilities and the successful completion of the first evacuation stage, we have received 146 applications from citizens. And this is somewhat surprising because most of these citizens had permission to leave but did not use it.


It happened for various reasons: someone did not leave because the competent Israeli authorities did not allow the father of the family to leave; someone said that it was quite there, there were no attacks, and they would stay in the Gaza Strip; but then strikes started, and people changed their minds. Our task now is to get a new permit as quickly as possible and to take these people to the territory of Egypt.

We have already submitted the documents for approval. The situation is directly under the control of the president and the minister of foreign affairs."

Details: Korniichuk expressed confidence that it will be possible to evacuate a significant number of Ukrainians who expressed a desire to evacuate by the end of the week.

The diplomat says that the absolute majority of these 146 people are women and children (more than 110). Only 54 new ones (who had not previously applied for evacuation)

The ambassador noted that the Ukrainian authorities received 329 permits for the evacuation of citizens from the Gaza Strip from Israel and Egypt over the entire period. It was possible to evacuate 259 people, of whom 172 are already in Ukraine, and the rest decided to stay in Egypt or go to Europe on their own.

Korniichuk said there are still about 500 people with Ukrainian passports in the Gaza Strip.

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