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defence intelligence

Kremlin justifies duration of war against Ukraine claiming it is fighting with "collective West"

Russia doesn't have forces for new offensive on Kyiv Oblast, Kharkiv, Sumy or Chernihiv – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

UK intelligence analyses Russian attacks near Robotyne

10 likely agents of Russian special services detained in Estonia

Russian army lacks combat capability to take advantage of capture of Avdiivka – UK Defence Intelligence

Russian intelligence comments on death in Spain of defector who surrendered helicopter to Ukraine

Kremlin sends special units to occupied territories of Ukraine to "create" voters for Putin

Russian occupation authorities broadcasting Russian World TV in occupied Ukrainian territories – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

UK intelligence says Russia lost 400 pieces of equipment during assault on Avdiivka

Zelenskyy on destruction of Russian landing ship: it brings more security to Black Sea – video

Most crew members of Russian Tsezar Kunikov ship did not survive – Defence Intelligence

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence admits Telegram poses number of threats to national security

UK intelligence analyses potential use of Zircon missiles by Russia

Russia expects war with NATO over the next decade – Estonian intelligence

Russia buys Starlink equipment for military use through Arab countries

Russians buying Starlink satellite equipment through third countries – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Russian attack drone operators being trained in Syria

UK intelligence anticipates more accidents at Russian plants

UK intelligence comments on Russia's offensive efforts in Avdiivka in recent weeks

UK intelligence discusses impact of Ivanovets' destruction on the Russian Navy

Russia may have to make sacrifices to solve budget deficit, says UK Defence Intelligence

UK Defence Intelligence: Corruption thrives in Russian army, undermining military effectiveness

UK intelligence describes fate of Wagner Group remnants

UK intelligence reports about new cases of Russia bombing its own cities

Russia is forming Federal Security Service detachments to deploy on Ukrainian border

Russia is looking for new ways to suppress criticism of the war – UK Defence Intelligence

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence reveals details of operation to destroy Tu-22 strategic bombers in Russia

CIA tries to recruit spies in Russia via social media

Defence Intelligence explains how strikes on Russian oil depots benefit Ukrainian army

Russian Kh-101 missiles are different from those used in 2022 – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence