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Five children evacuated from Kherson Oblast

Civilian evacuation accelerates in Kupiansk district amid intensified Russian attacks

Dnipro evacuates hospital and closes schools after nighttime Russian attack

Less than thousand residents remain in Avdiivka, evacuation continues

Mandatory evacuation announced from nine more villages in Donetsk Oblast

Unexploded missile part found in Kyiv building: evacuation underway

More people returning to Donetsk Oblast than evacuating – Oblast Military Administration

43 people, including four children, evacuated from Donetsk Oblast in one day

Mandatory evacuation zone expanded in Kharkiv Oblast

100 people to evacuate from near Sevastopol – occupation authorities in Crimea

People completely evacuated from 19 settlements in Sumy Oblast

Mandatory evacuation zone in Kharkiv Oblast may be expanded

Operation to rescue Ukrainians from Gaza Strip ends successfully – Defence Intelligence

Another 146 Ukrainians ask to be evacuated from Gaza Strip

Last few families with children evacuated from dangerous areas of Kharkiv Oblast

Relatives of EU workers being evacuated from Gaza – EU diplomacy chief

Ukraine brings four citizens and their families back from occupied territories

11 more Ukrainians evacuated from Gaza Strip

Zelenskyy: Ukraine helping with evacuation of foreign citizens from Gaza

236 children evacuated from Kupiansk hromada

Ukraine evacuates 160 more of its citizens from Gaza Strip

Russia scares Ukrainians in Gaza Strip and proposes its evacuation

89 Ukrainians evacuated from Gaza Strip

329 Ukrainians allowed to leave Gaza Strip – Ukrainian ambassador to Israel

First group of 43 Ukrainians evacuated from Gaza – Zelenskyy

128 children left to evacuate from frontline villages in Donetsk Oblast

Ukraine helps in evacuation of Moldovan citizens from Gaza

Evacuation of Ukrainian citizens from Gaza begins

201 children evacuated from dangerous communities of Kupiansk district

First 101 Ukrainians to be evacuated from Gaza on 7 November