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Russians offer coal to Ukrainians on occupied territories in exchange for passportisation

Türkiye imports coal mined in temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories from Russia – Reuters

Coal industry of occupied Donetsk Oblast under threat of existence

Coal shortage observed in Donetsk Oblast – Chairman of Оblast Military Administration

Partner of Energy Commission Chief ‘Bought Luxury Real Estate’

In February 2016 the partner of Dmytro Vovk, Chief of the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities bought real estate in Kyivska Oblast worth $1.5-2 million

Nasalyk: We Can’t Eschew Coal from Occupied Territories

Ukraine can’t fully eschew coal from the occupied territories in the short run, Energy Minister Ihor Nasalyk said at a press conference on Thursday, August 4.

Ukraine Renews Coal Supply from Occupied Territories

Ukraine renewed coal supplies from the occupied territories via railways after a near-two-month break.