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Lies of Rashist Propagandists: from "Preparations" for Explosion of Crimean Bridge to "Bombing" of Verkhovna Rada

Wednesday, 12 October 2022, 13:35

On October 8, after the explosion of the Crimean Bridge, the Kremlin's propagandists, including skabeeva and solovyov, "exploded" as well. In addition to the calls to "respond" to the authorities of Ukraine, in their telegram channels, they posted a photo zone in the form of a stamp in Kyiv, depicting the Crimean Bridge in flames, stating that the authorities of the capital had been preparing for this event in advance and had created such an interactive photographic zone. 

The reaction of the Rashist propagandists is obvious. After all, those who live in the country where dictatorship and propaganda reign cannot assume anything else. They create a new reality for their master, create lies, continuously roll in lies, and eventually begin to believe in them like they believe in the fact that Ukraine was preparing for a blow-up of an object, sacred for Putin, and in the fact that every peaceful resident has to be held responsible for such an "abuse."

For Russian propaganda, even the most elementary verification of facts is a manifestation of weakness, and a bloody response to civilians is a usual and mandatory call that relays the same bloody wishes of that regime. But we are undoubtedly in favor of fact-checking, and especially when it is the way to show the stupidity of the Kremlin lapdogs.


In fact, the photo zone in the form of a stamp, which on October 8, after a fire on the Putin's sacred bridge, got into the international media, is an initiative of activists, and it was created long before the bridge was blown up. Actually, this stamp is part of the exhibition "Informresistance," created jointly by the CHESNO Movement and the Museum of the Revolution of Dignity. 

The exhibition itself has been traveling through the cities of Ukraine for the two or three months, telling about the most diverse ways in which Ukrainians have opposed the enemy since February 24, and encouraging citizens to continue to join the information resistance.

And the giant stamp itself was created on the occasion of the launch of the exposition — as one of the most striking exhibits included in this exhibition.

The CHESNO Movement launched the exhibition "Informresistance" in Kyiv back in summer — on the eve of Independence Day. The difference in seasons can be noticed at least by the fact that in one of the photos, which Kremlin propagandists included in their posts, NGO representatives are wearing T-shirts. Not really appropriate for the beginning of October, isn't it?


Moreover, you can see different locations behind the stamp in different photos. Thus, in the photo with T-shirts, you can see that it stands not against the background of the building of the Kyiv authorities, but on the Kontraktova Square in Podil. And if you search a little bit more, for example, posts on Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter of the CHESNO Movement in August (I think Yandex, banned in Ukraine, will be of help), it immediately becomes clear that the "terrible bloody photo zone" was in Podil in summer.

A person could not help but notice different locations and different seasons in the photos, attached to the post. Even the propagandists couldn't help but notice. But does it even matter when you are telling a new lie?


Though, as Goebbels ordered the Rashists, quality propaganda always requires a little bit of truth. There is some of it in these posts of Kremlin mouthpieces. The photo zone with the burning Crimean Bridge indeed for one and a half months was very popular among the residents and guests of Kyiv, and after October 8, there have been lines of those willing to take pictures against the background of the "stamp" near the KCSA.

However, this was far from the end of the lies of Rashist propaganda. Already on October 10, skabeeva lied, spreading photos from the site of the shelling of Kyiv, signing that the Russian missile hit the Verkhovna Rada.


And these words of the Russian propagandist are all the more disgusting because as a result of this shelling of a civilian object — a crossroads in the center of the Ukrainian capital — civilian Ukrainians died, who were driving to work on Monday morning. Skabeeva showed that in her thirst for blood neither she nor the Rashist authorities will stop at anything.

It is no secret that the Crimean Bridge is critical for the enemy's army. It is in this way that the Russians supply weapons, fuel, ammunition, and military equipment to the occupied Kherson region. Therefore, both for the Armed Forces and for our international partners, such a target for an attack is quite acceptable.  

However, the Crimean Bridge for the Rashists is more than just a bridge. It is a symbol of the annexation of Crimea, a symbol of a successful theft that gave rise to an absolute dictatorship and a terrible war that has been going on in our country for eight years. That is why the demand of the Ukrainians for the destruction of this bridge was formed long time ago. And after the Russian invasion, such an attack turned into a real dream.

Did this dream become smaller after the horrific shelling on October 10? By no means. True indignation of the public and cold-blooded readiness to resist in any form have only intensified, as has confidence in our victory.


In general, the story about the reaction of the Ukrainians to the image with the burning Crimean Bridge is a vivid confirmation that, since the invasion and until now, not only the authorities or the army are fighting the enemy. And no amount of shelling or blatant Kremlin terror can overcome that. All the people joined the national resistance to the enemy, using a variety of means — postage stamps, memes, socks, songs in the subway during the bombing, and even a usual selfie against the background of the burning symbol of Putin's power.

But Russian propagandists cannot understand this because there is no resistance in their world. They do not know and do not understand what national unity is, if the center does not give relevant orders. They cannot comprehend that even after 84 missiles in one morning, such unity will remain intact.

It is easier for skabeeva and solovyov to think that everything that can happen on the streets of Ukrainian cities is the work of the authorities, that any activity here and around the world is impossible without permission from above. This is the lie they have been building around them for years, which they have carried into their disfigured world, and which will eventually burn down like an "unbreakable" Crimean Bridge.

Vita Dumanska, leader of the NGO CHESNO Movement

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