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The world must accept the irreversible event of Russia's internal decolonization 

Saturday, 11 February 2023, 11:30

A great cause is first born as an idea, then becomes a word, and finally turns into action.

Truly far-out ideas, as a rule, first cause distrust and skepticism, criticism from various sides, exclusion and rejection; but gradually, if you are consistent and persistent in promoting your own stance, the stage of emotional rejection is replaced by the stage of rational analysis, later comes the stage of acceptance as a new reality, planning, and implementation.

The case is moving in the same way with Ukraine’s stance, articulated at different levels, on the question of what is Victory for us – the one that will guarantee the strategic security of the state, its sovereignty, independence, integrity and inviolability of borders?


What outcome of the war will ensure that russia doesn’t repeat in any way its attempts to finally resolve the "Ukrainian question" for another time during over three centuries?

What will be the safeguard against imperial and post-imperial encroachments to breathe the rotten breath of the Moscow swamps into the corpse of the myth of the "three brotherly peoples"?

The true Victory of Ukraine is russia’s disintegration, its disappearance as an integral subject of history and politics.

russia is not only Ukraine’s problem, it is a problem that has spread like gangrene, threatening the whole world.

The ugly offspring of the bloody Asian empire – the moscow runt, gradually grew and became more and more aggressive. Having made its way from the "gendarme of Europe" to the "empire of evil", in the new century, reanimating the corpse of the USSR, using its nuclear arsenal, it began to threaten with the Apocalypse.

An entity, the existence of which over the centuries has proven that it is not capable of being a democratic country, respecting rights and freedoms, and sharing universal human values. A monstrous entity with cave instincts and an anti-human essence has no place in the modern world order.

russia with its autocratic regime, resource-based economy, and neo-fascist ideology once again failed to pass the civilizational test, remaining a territory of total violence and evil, a threat to Ukraine and the world.

Security guarantees – de-subjectivation of russia as a state entity, decolonization of territories, denuclearization, and deputization of the population. The ideology of putinism is a form of modern fascism (rusсism) with its ideology of racial supremacy.

Based on the above, Ukraine should accustom the world to the idea that russia should not remain within the existing borders and state. It must be transformed in such a way that the risk of reviving russian grasping instincts and reflexes inherent in serial rapists and recidivists with permanent inferiority syndrome will disappear forever. To prevent a new round of russian militarism and revanchism, mixed with an inferiority complex and post-Soviet ressentiment, against Europe and the United States.

russia must be deprived of everything that threatens Ukraine and the world. First of all, it is necessary to pull out the rotten, but still dangerous poisonous nuclear teeth.

Secondly, given that the attempts to democratically reform the territory of the so-called russian federation are absolutely hopeless, and due to an almost physical need for the uninterrupted functioning of the war and death machine, old approaches such as the denazification of post-Hitler Germany cannot be applied to russia. It will be necessary, but not enough, for the russian federation to simply go through the cycle of de-racialization, disarmament, repentance and critical rethinking of the past, as well as de-oligarchization and deputization of the government system. Given the negative historical experience, there is a threat that after some time russia will return to the old bloody stall, so the process must be much deeper and more complex, with results that guarantee high reliability.

This can only be the disintegration of the fake federation, its fragmentation.

Only after the full cycle of first external and then internal decolonization is completed, and a number of independent territorial entities are formed, russia will cease to be a threat to humanity.

The event is non-trivial and unprecedented in its scope and nature, but there is no need to be afraid of it.

If a precedent must be set for the safety of mankind, it must be set. If new non-standard approaches and tools need to be found, it will be done.

The world cannot go into the future, where genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, flights to the stars, the discovery of the secrets of life and death await us, having on its feet an old, rusty kettlebell – russia, which is stuck in the Middle Ages and drags everyone into darkness.

We shouldn’t listen to those who say that it is impossible. The slogan of the new age is that everything is possible.

Once, the West did not believe, did not want and was not ready for the collapse of the USSR.

In his famous "Chicken Kyiv" speech in 1991, George W. Bush warned Ukrainians against "suicidal nationalism", and in 2023, the American president says that the United States is united in supporting Ukraine and will "stand as long as it takes".

Today’s war, unleashed by russia, is its (hopefully) last colonial war on its external borders.

Today, Ukraine is not only fighting for its independence, all the countries of the former Soviet Union, from Kyrgyzstan to Georgia, can finally reaffirm their independence on the shoulders of our Victory.

Ukraine gives these countries a chance to finally break the colonial umbilical cord that still connects the formerly conquered peoples with a country where they worship a mummified corpse and meekly, slavishly carry flowers to the grave of a tyrant who killed millions, including their relatives and friends.

The second stage is the internal decolonization of russia itself, and the world must accept the inevitability of this event. Moreover, the world must prepare for it.

It should be a complex, thoughtful work that will include a number of thematic tracks:

  • developing possible scenarios of internal destruction of the russian federation;
  • holding consultations and developing plans to minimize the risks of uncontrolled proliferation of nuclear, biological, chemical, and other weapons of mass destruction;
  • developing a political strategy for interaction with new political territorial entities;
  • an economic model of interaction taking into account the potential and opportunities of possible new trade entities;
  • establishing contacts and training leaders for national and regional republics;
  • developing the civil society support network;
  • creating and popularizing media resources to support anti-colonial movements within the russian federation;
  • working out the system of lustration, search, and extradition to Ukrainian and international law enforcement structures of war criminals, state traitors and collaborators;
  • implementing the mechanism of compensation to Ukraine from the former russia for damages caused by the war.

All these questions are not at all theoretical, but those that will become relevant in the near future, no matter how impossible they may sound now.

Signs of what’s to come include a ban on russian hockey fans chanting "Glory to Siberia" and Kadyrov’s righteous rebuke of the West for not supporting Ichkeria when it fought for its independence against russia. This mistake will be corrected,

Ukraine will help the Chechen people in their just and inevitable war with muscovy. Grozny has not yet been avenged for the years of 1994-1995. Is it in the traditions of the Chechen people to fight for those who killed them...and forgive them...

Here it is worth mentioning the republican traditions of the struggle for the independence of other peoples and regions that are still part of the russian federation.

In addition to Ichkeria and Tatarstan, for some reason many forget about the existence of the Tannu-Tuva People’s Republic (TPR), created in 1921; its independence was recognized by Soviet russia and Mongolia. Tuva is the only Russian region that has experienced statehood.

Why should Tuvans fight against someone else’s independence instead of fighting for their own? Sooner or later, these and many other questions will arise in one way or another, and not only before Tuvans.

In the 1990s, the governor of the Sverdlovsk region, Eduard Rossel, declared the Ural Republic and introduced his own money – Ural francs.

Dozens of such examples can be cited in Siberia, the south, the Far East, and throughout the territory of the russian federation.

russia is a patchwork colonial entity, which is bound together by the bloody paths of genocide, repression, mass murder and enslavement, but the bayonets on which the Kremlin sits are decreasing, and the destructive energy of dissatisfaction with russia is rising.

It’s time for a serious conversation about how to safely dismantle russia. The sooner it starts, the faster and less painless the overall process will run.

I repeat once again – nothing is impossible! In a world that has changed, everything is possible! And we should all be ready for that.

Oleksiy Danilov – Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine

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