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For Elon Musk: Saving the world is not a business opportunity

Monday, 02 October 2023, 13:02

Let's imagine, Elon, that your house was taken over by the Russians.

Several of your children were murdered just because they were at home. Others were abducted to an unknown location somewhere in Russia. Your wife was raped. Your dog was shot down. Your kitchen is now a toilet for Russian ex-inmates. And your favorite car collection now belongs to people who can’t spell "Tesla" – all they know is how to drink, break the law, and kill.

Imagine, Elon, that at the same time, your mother was taken hostage by the Russians. And these Russian soldiers, who aren't even remotely as intelligent as your mother, tell her that she must give up her whole identity, and only then, perhaps, her corpse won't be found in the nearest river with a weight tied to her foot. Only when she rejects to be herself she will be able to exist (and I mean it — exist, not live) further.


Imagine, Elon, that they came and took away everything, literally everything that you had created in your whole life until this very day. They came because they could. Because there are more of them. More than your bodyguards. They have no legal or other grounds — they don’t need them. They came because you, Elon, are smarter, have worked much harder, and your potential is so much higher than theirs. You call the police, but there is no response. You go to court and there is no court. Everything that you called life is gone.

Imagine, Elon, that you have one chance to save your children (the ones who are still alive), your wife, and your mother, to get back your beloved home and the companies you've created with your blood, tears, and sweat, and save your life. To do that, you need an Internet connection. You need the communications.

And imagine, Elon, that a man on the other end of the planet decides to cut off your Internet. Right at that very moment. Knowing fully well what you needed it for.

Can you imagine him, Elon? Can you imagine a man who can save lives but he is too afraid to lose his billions? Or maybe you don’t need to imagine him because you know him already?

Saving the world is not a business opportunity. You can’t buy bravery. Even if you’re one of the richest people in the world.

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