Director of Construction Company Elected to Rada from Chernihiv

Monday, 18 July 2016, 23:59

Maksym Mykytas won the by-election to the Rada in electoral district No. 206 in Chernihiv. After processing 100% of votes, he took 31.45% or 15 276 ballots.

The runner-up is Yuriy Vlasenko from Batkivshchyna Party, who got 26.68% or 12 957 votes. Dmytro Blaush from the Radical Party got 9.65% votes, Hryhoriy Tkachenko of the Agrarian Party took 4.25%. Yehor Firsov, who was deprived of his mandate for leaving the Poroshenko Bloc faction in the Rada got 4.07% of votes.

A total of 74 candidates were nominated in district No. 206. Voter turnout totaled 34.64%.

Since June 2010 Mykytas has been the President of the Ukrainian state-owned corporation Ukrbud. From June 2014 to October 2015 he was a member of the Kyiv City Council and of UDAR-Solidarnist faction.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine

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IP: 95.158.42.---seloiludy19.07.2016 09:36
Хай Бог милує... Это уже не лечиться. Здаеться, если этим " свідомим громадянам" грамм на 200 больше гречки "засеять" - они и гиркина в депутаты заведут, а кадырова в президенты пхать будут.
IP: 93.74.11.---meua19.07.2016 02:27
Кадры Порошенко... Именно такие люди разваливали Украину 25 лет и продолжают сейчас это делать
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