Tymoshenko: Deadly Blast in Kyiv Looks Like a Verdict

Wednesday, 20 July 2016, 11:46

Batkivshchyna leader Yulia Tymoshenko believes that investigation of Pavel Sheremet murder will be a test for the government, Batkivshchyna website cites her.

"I was sure Ukraine put that shameful period when journalists were ‘stopped’ by killings behind. It appears that no. This horrible blast in Kyiv downtown looks like a verdict," she claims.

"Prompt investigation of Pavel’s murder is a test for the government and for all of us," Tymoshenko highlights.

"This investigation won’t return Pavel to his family and friends. But it will definitely provide more certainty and security to his fellow colleagues, first of all in Ukrayinska Pravda that suffer such an awful tragedy for the second time. We pray with you," she added.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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IP: 91.139.251.---Alexander Kutscherow20.07.2016 21:28
дурашка, хвэдир. ВОНА мае прямэ видношеня до До Харкова. Там знаходыться ридна тюрьма Жюлькы.
Ву копронэ?
IP: 213.154.200.---Федір К20.07.2016 13:51
Не пора ли этой воровке на пенсию, желательно обратно в Харьков?
Хенде хёх, русише окупантен! Даже безграмотные украинцы знают, что к Харькову Юлия Владимировна отношения не имеет и никогда в жизни не имела. Ауфвидернахер, кляйне Ольгиншадт троллен!
IP: 62.80.181.---kiyiv20.07.2016 12:01
Тюлька, это называется - пиар на крови. Тварь
IP: 62.80.181.---kiyiv20.07.2016 12:00
Не пора ли этой воровке на пенсию, желательно обратно в Харьков?
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