Russia Strengthens Limitations on Transit of Ukrainian Goods

Monday, 4 July 2016, 08:21

The Russian Federation introduced additional restrictions on the transit of goods produced in Ukraine, as Ukraine’s Ministry of Economy reported on its website.

On January 1, 2016, Russia restricted the transit of Ukrainian goods to Kazakhstan. Starting from July 3, these restrictions also apply to transit to Kyrgyzstan. They also completely ban the transit of ‘embargoed’ goods.

"These restrictions may result in the temporary complete stoppage of Ukrainian transit through Russia, not only to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, but also to some other countries," the Ministry informs. "The restrictions imposed by Russia are economically and legally groundless. They will artificially deteriorate the environment for Ukraine’s trade with some other countries, Central Asian countries in particular," the Ministry adds.

In April, Russia completely banned the transit of Ukrainian cargo through its territory.

Source: European Pravda

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