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Amnesty of 600 Militants is Requested to Free the Ukrainian POWs

Friday, 8 July 2016, 12:34

President Poroshenko’s Envoy on Peace Plan for the Occupied Donbas Iryna Herashchenko stresses that the militants are blocking release of the Ukrainian citizens held hostages by them and require amnesty of the gross criminals. She wrote about this in her Facebook profile.

Herashchenko stressed that the militants are blocking the release of the Ukrainian prisoners and are requesting amnesty to more than 600 criminals who violated Ukrainian law during the armed conflict. This would cause a feeling of impunity among the criminals according to Herashchenko.


According to Herashchenko, the militants also are refusing to provide information on location and status of 112 Ukrainian prisoners and block the search and rescue of more than 500 more.

Viktor Medvedchuk, former Head of the Administration under now run-away President Yanukovych and a close friend of Russian president Vladimir Putin stated earlier that separatists are ready to exchange POWs on ‘all-for-all’ principle after Verkhovna Rada grants amnesty to the militants.

Medvedchuk also confirmed his frequent visits to Moscow and explained them by the necessity to conduct negotiations on release of the Ukrainians who are illegally detained in Russia.

Medvedchuk is a member of the Sub-group on Humanitarian Issues of a trilateral contact group established by the Minsk Agreements. His Sub-group is in charge of the prisoner exchange.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda