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MP Chornovol: Tornado Unit Fighters Recorded Extreme Sexual Attacks

Saturday, 6 August 2016, 21:12

Phones that were seized from the commanders of now-outlawed Tornado volunteer unit have videos of sexual orgies and rapes, including with babies present, Narodnyi Front MP Tetiana Chornovol said on 112 Kanal on Saturday, August 6.

"When Tornado commanders were arrested, their phones were seized. They had horrifying videos, which are now attached to the case. Those were videos of various sexual orgies and rapes. They even had babies there. I think that a mother was made to do things threatened with the death of her child," Chornovol said. She added that rapes of underage girls were also videotaped.

According to Chornovol, MP Semen Semenchenko who protected people from Tornado knows about it: "He understands that everything he says will be believed, and the truth won’t be believed." Chornovol thinks that Semenchenko should be held responsible as well: "He has committed crimes himself. I think it is the last drop, and he will go to jail."


Source: Ukrayinska Pravda