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Klychko has not ruled out a full blackout and is asking people to stock up and make arrangements with relatives

Saturday, 5 November 2022, 22:34
Klychko has not ruled out a full blackout and is asking people to stock up and make arrangements with relatives

Vitalii Klychko, Mayor of Kyiv, has not ruled out a complete blackout in Kyiv with no electricity, heating, water or communications. He is calling on Kyiv residents to stock up on essentials and consider temporarily moving out of the city.

Source: Klychko on a 24-hour news broadcast

Details: The presenter asked the mayor if he was considering the possibility of a full blackout in Kyiv with no electricity, water, heating or communications.


Quote from Klychko: "We are doing all we can to prevent this from happening. But let's be honest: our enemies are doing all they can to ensure that the city has no heat, no electricity, no water, and for all of us to be dead. And the future of this country, and the future of each one of us, depends on how prepared we are for different situations.…

We are not ruling it out. We run through different scenarios in order to survive, to be prepared."

More details: Klychko urged Kyiv residents to keep stocks of drinking and industrial water, charged batteries, food supplies and warm clothes in their homes.

The mayor recalled that about a thousand warming centres are planned to be deployed in Kyiv, but noted that this may not be enough for a three-million-strong city.

"That's not enough. So I’m also asking people – in a bad scenario, if we don’t have electricity or water, and if you have relatives or friends in the suburbs of Kyiv who have a separate water supply, a stove and heating, plan to stay there temporarily. Please make arrangements so that in the event of a bad scenario, you can stay with your friends or acquaintances for a while," Klychko urged.

He noted that in the event of an emergency, additional information on the location of warming centres and water dispensers will be displayed in the entrances of apartment buildings in Kyiv. The mayor also urged Kyiv residents to find out in advance where these are located.

"Regarding what is happening today in Ukraine, in the city of Kiev, I can clearly say: this is not a war, this is terrorism, this is genocide. Putin doesn't need us Ukrainians: he needs territory, he needs Ukraine without us. His task is for us to die, to freeze, or to go somewhere else and leave him our land," Klychko said.

At the same time, he encouraged people "not to be pessimistic".

"We are openly talking about different scenarios and even the worst-case scenario, for which we need to be prepared. We will do everything in our power to prevent such a scenario from happening. But we cannot guarantee this 100%, so we model different situations and each of us must be prepared for this," the mayor stressed.

ackground: Vitalii Klychko, the Mayor of Kyiv, said on November 1 that Kyiv is preparing to set up about 1,000 warming centres for city residents in case of emergency in winter.

The Kyiv City Administration published photos of a few such centres and reported that they have been equipped with heat, lighting, bathrooms, dining rooms, places for rest, banks of warm clothes and warm blankets. Visitors will have access to news and up-to-date information about the city, as well as psychological support.

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