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ATACMS is a long-range guided missile that gives operational commanders the immediate firepower to win the deep battle. Each ATACMS missile is packaged in a MLRS look-alike launch pod and is fired from the MLRS Family of Launchers.

- Improved guidance package with Global Positioning System

- Carries a WDU18, 500-lb class blast fragmentation warhead

- Maximum range is 300 km

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"The world was not ready to support Ukraine": an interview with Ukraine's first foreign minister after Maidan

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Price of blockade: consequences of protest on Ukrainian-Polish border

Polish businesses are also suffering losses from the blockade of their border with Ukraine - and these losses may be proportionate to Ukraines.

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EU candidate race: Can Ukraine catch up with Western Balkans? Analysing EU commission report

EU candidate race: Can Ukraine catch up with Western Balkans? Analysing EU commission report

Ukraines speed does not give us much hope that accession negotiations will be completed within two years. Currently, Ukraine and Moldova are far behind all the other countries in EU negotiations.

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