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Ukrainian ambassador in France announces further batches of long-range SCALP missiles

Tuesday, 22 August 2023, 19:34

Ukraine has already received the first test batch of long-range SCALP missiles from France, with agreements on further supplies.

Source: Vadym Omelchenko, Ukrainian Ambassador to France said this in an interview with Livyi Bereh news website, European Pravda reports

Details: As the diplomat explained, all the SCALP missiles the French side promised to provide within the first batch are already in Ukraine.

Quote: "This batch was a test batch; the projectiles have proven themselves quite well. There will be SCALPs; the supply will continue. The main issue of these supplies is their rate, and in this regard, the French are doing very well," he added.

Omelchenko noted that France maintains a strict silence on the issue of arms supplies to Ukraine, taking care of the safety of logistics, and after criticism from Ukrainian and French experts, Paris began cautiously announcing supplies of some weapons.

Quote: "In general, if you hear a statement from President Zelenskyy or from President Macron that France has made a decision at the request of the Ukrainian side to provide us with some weapons, then know that they are already in Ukraine and are already being operated at the front," the ambassador said.

In July, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the transfer of missiles to Ukraine, which will allow the Ukrainian forces to strike deep into Russia's rear. The media learned then that it was about "significant batches" of SCALP missiles, similar in characteristics to the British-made Storm Shadow long-range missiles.

Now the German government is determining whether it will supply long-range Taurus-type cruise missiles to Ukraine, as requested by Kyiv.

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