Russian Defence Ministry confirms Ukrainian Armed Forces hit ship at Kerch shipyard

Saturday, 4 November 2023, 23:48

The Russian Defence Ministry has said that a ship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, located at a shipyard in Kerch, "has been damaged".

Source: Russian Defence Ministry

Details: Russian propagandists claim that Ukraine fired 15 cruise missiles on the Butoma Shipyard in Kerch.

The invaders' air defence allegedly shot down 13 of the cruise missiles, and one missile "damaged the ship".

For half a day prior to that, the Crimean occupiers had been claiming that "some of the debris from the downed missiles fell on the area of one of the dry docks".


  • Explosions were heard and an air-raid warning was issued in Russian-occupied Crimea on 4 November.
  • Later, it became known that Air Force pilots had launched successful strikes on Kerch, likely sinking one of the most modern ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, a Kalibr cruise missile carrier.
  • Shipbuilding and repair plants in temporarily occupied Crimea which serve the Russian army and are part of the Russian military-industrial complex are legitimate targets for the Ukrainian Defence Forces.

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