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Russian sappers who planted mines in Kharkiv Oblast identified by Ukrainian journalists

Ukraine brings back five more children from occupied territories

Russians bring in security forces for sham presidential elections in Ukraine's occupied territories

Russians lose 30 tanks and 104 armoured combat vehicles over one week – video

Russian Red Cross has pro-Kremlin bias, conducts military fundraising and abuses Ukrainian POWs

Russia claims distribution of 2 million passports in occupied Ukrainian territories

Russia assaults Orlivka from three fronts after Ukrainian Armed Forces retreat from Lastochkyne

Ukrainian Armed Forces withdraw from Lastochkyne and reinforce new frontier

Russia starts "early voting" in occupied territories

Lastochkyne unoccupied by Russians, fighting persists on outskirts – Tavriia Operational and Strategic Group of Forces

Russian military in temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine can vote in Putin's elections

Russians occupy Lastochkyne near Avdiivka

Russians start issuing Russian citizenship to residents of Avdiivka

Russia is tellingly talking about "purges" in occupied territories – ISW

Bloomberg: G7 leaders' summit will not recognise Russian "elections" in occupied Ukraine

Russian security forces breaking into home of Crimean activist, accuse her of extremism – photo

Russian media identifies 68 soldiers killed in Ukrainian strike while on parade – photo

ISW: Zaporizhia Oblast occupation governor admits to deportations and executions

The last days of Avdiivka: what led to the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from the city and how it took place

Russians want to fully capture Luhansk Oblast before Putin's sham elections – Ukraine's intelligence

Ukrainian law enforcers identify Chechen who stole cars during attempted occupation of Kyiv Oblast in 2022 – video

Activists graffiti Ukrainian flag all over Russian-occupied Donetsk

Russians conduct raids on temporarily occupied territories ahead of Putin's election

Five children evacuated from Kherson Oblast

Russians conduct mop-up operation in occupied Avdiivka – Tavriia Operational and Strategic Group of Forces

Kremlin sends special units to occupied territories of Ukraine to "create" voters for Putin

Explosions rock occupied Makiivka: Local news outlets report strike on oil depot – photo, video

Russian occupation authorities broadcasting Russian World TV in occupied Ukrainian territories – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Russian pilot flies his damaged warplane towards village in Luhansk Oblast – video

Explosion reported in Melitopol: Russians demonstrated grenade launcher to children